RiskPro® Enhancements launching for Kovack Advisors at National Conference

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct 2, 2019/PRNewswire —
The business of financial technology has been progressing at a break-neck pace recently due to start-ups, M&A activity, AI, and even looming government regulations.
Amidst swirling technology advances sits the average investor with their well-known cycle of emotions of optimism, excitement, doubt, fear, panic, and capitulation. These emotions trigger investor behaviors that can sabotage a well-thought-out financial plan.
RiskPro® CEO Nick Scalzo found that this cycle of emotions has a common thread, a simple lack of understanding. He states, “How can an investor not feel emotional unless they know (in actual dollar-terms) the potential gain or loss of their investment? We created RiskPro® to allow advisors the ability to break the damaging emotional cycle fueled by investor lack of understanding and accountability.”
Chris Mills, CIMA®, EVP at Kovack Advisors, Inc. says, “We are dedicated to supporting our independent advisors and are excited to offer technology that has a positive effect on their client relationships.” Mills pointed out their firm believes in Proactive Compliance, “RiskPro® supports strong relationships, not just between our advisors and their clients, but also our advisors and our home office associates.”
Scalzo, a featured presenter at the Kovack 2019 National Conference this week, adds, “A symbiotic relationship between independent advisors and their back offices happens organically with RiskPro’s Perpetual Suitability™, that derives from our cutting-edge compliance and surveillance tool monitoring client accounts running thru RiskPro® every trading day.”
About RISKPRO® – RiskPro® was developed by ProTools, LLC, a technology company headquartered in Newport Beach, CA. Through RiskPro®, advisors can support their fiduciary responsibilities to provide clients with prudent investment advice and account surveillance. For more, visit

About KOVACK ADVISORS, Inc. – Kovack Advisors is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with independent advisors located across the country. Kovack has strategic alliances with the most recognized advisory clearing firms in the industry. For more, visit

About PACIFIC FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC – Pacific Financial Group, an investment advisor registered with the SEC, is an affiliate of ProTools and the exclusive distributor of RiskPro. Pacific Financial is based in Newport Beach, CA.

Chris Mills, CIMA®, Executive Vice President
Kovack Advisors, Inc.
Kovack Securities, Inc.
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